Holiday List

At Spotlight Kids, we value the importance of downtime and family moments. To help you plan ahead, here is our upcoming holiday schedule for the current year:

2024 Holiday Schedule

Sports Holidays (Sportferien)

• Dates: Saturday, 03.02.2024 – Sunday, 18.02.2024


Spring Holidays (Frühlingsferien)

• Dates: Saturday, 13.04.2024 – Sunday, 28.04.2024


Ascension Holidays (Auffahrtsferien)

• Dates: Thursday, 09.05.2024 – Sunday, 12.05.2024


Summer Holidays (Sommerferien)

• Dates: Saturday, 06.07.2024 – Sunday, 18.08.2024


Other Holidays

Good Friday (Karfreitag)

• Date: Friday, 29. March 2024


Easter (Ostermontag)

• Date: Monday, 1. April 2024


Whit Monday/ Pentecost Monday (Pfingstmontag)

• Date: Monday, 20. May 2024


Corpus Christi (Fronleichnam)

• Date: Thursday, 30. May 2024

Important Notes

While our regular classes may be on pause during these holidays, keep an eye out for special workshops, events, or online resources that may be offered during certain breaks.

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