Terms & Conditions

Before you dive into the exciting world of Spotlight Kids’ enriching classes for kids, we kindly ask you to take a moment to review our Terms & Conditions. We believe that clarity fosters a seamless experience, ensuring a joyous journey for your kids and peace of mind for you. By familiarising yourself with our guidelines, we aim to minimise misunderstandings, allowing everyone to fully relish the magic of our classes.

General Terms & Conditions (GTC) Spotlight Kids



• By enrolling in a course or subscribing, the course participant or their legal representative enters into an indefinite contract, confirming their awareness and unconditional acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions (AGB) of Spotlight Kids. In the case of minors, the registration must be signed by a legal representative.

• Once registered, participation in the course can only be terminated at the end of the respective semester (refer to “School Withdrawal” below).

• Registration is personal and non-transferable.



• The courses are divided into two semesters annually:

1st semester from August – February (After summer holidays – sports holidays)

2nd semester from February – July (After sports holidays – summer holidays)

• The prices are per semester and can be found on our website (Timings & Prices) can be viewed. The invoice will be issued immediately after receipt of a registration.



• The entire course fee is invoiced before the start of the semester and is to be paid within 30 days from the invoice date, or within 10 days for registrations made during the semester. If the course fee remains outstanding, Spotlight Kids is entitled to temporarily suspend the teaching relationship and deny the respective students participation in the classes after the payment deadline.

• For entry into the course during the semester, only the remaining hours will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis.

• Invoices are delivered via email in PDF format. If a member prefers postal delivery, they must notify the school administration in writing. The corresponding fee for postal delivery is CHF 5.00 per invoice.

• In the event of payment default, Spotlight Kids is authorised to charge the following reminder fees in addition to the overdue invoice amount:

Fees to be charged:

1st reminder CHF 20.-

2nd reminder CHF 40.-



• Course placements are allocated in the order of received registrations. The school administration reserves the right to forego conducting courses with fewer than 8 students. If a course is not conducted due to insufficient enrollment, the entire course fee will be refunded to the students.

• The school administration retains the right to make changes to teaching staff at any time.

• In cases of force majeure, classes may be rescheduled without any claims arising for the customer. Force majeure encompasses all unforeseeable, unavoidable, insurmountable, and external events, including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, strikes, revolutions, terrorism, nuclear accidents, epidemics, and pandemics, as well as any governmental directives resulting from such events.



• In the case of a student’s illness, accident, or inability to attend, the school administration should be notified as early as possible, but at least two hours before the start of the class, via email, phone, SMS, or WhatsApp. No course fee will be refunded for sessions missed.

• If illness or an accident extends beyond three consecutive weeks, the tuition fee will be credited to the following semester upon submission of an appropriate medical certificate.



School vacations and public holidays align with those observed by the Zug municipality, and the schedule is regularly published on the Spotlight Kids website (holiday list). The holiday period is already factored into the semester fees.

Teacher’s Absence: In the event of a teacher’s absence, missed lessons will either be rescheduled or covered by a substitute. If a teacher falls ill suddenly, students will be promptly notified via email, telephone, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Course Changes: Course changes are not allowed within the current semester.

Withdrawal from School: To discontinue attendance for the following semester, written or email notification is required by June 30th (for the August-January semester) or by December 31st (for the February-July semester). Telephone or verbal cancellations are not considered valid. For underage students, termination must be communicated by their legal representatives. Failure to cancel registration in a timely manner will result in a continued obligation to pay for subsequent semesters. There will be no refund of course fees if leaving during the semester.

Non-payment of course fees does not constitute cancellation or withdrawal from the contract.



Spectators in Class: To maintain an optimal learning environment, spectators are not allowed during lessons. A visit week is conducted twice a year.

To safeguard the students’ privacy, photographing and/or making film or sound recordings is strictly prohibited without prior authorisation from the school management.

Copyrights: Arts (acting, dancing, singing) rehearsed at Spotlight Kids are protected by copyright under the Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights (URG, SR 231.1). Students agree to obtain written confirmation in advance from the school management if there is an intention to showcase these dances at public events or use them in any manner defined by Article 10 URG.

Photos, Videos, and Social Media: The school administration reserves the right to use photos or videos of students taken during lessons or performances.

Liability: Spotlight Kids and the school management disclaim any liability for accidents, losses, and/or damages. Students are responsible for their own insurance.

Data Protection: Upon registration, students consent to Spotlight Kids using their data for information and advertising emails about Spotlight Kids, etc. Students’ data is stored, and without prior explicit authorisation from the students or their legal representatives, it will not be shared with third parties.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: All legal relationships between Spotlight Kids and its students are governed by Swiss law. The exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes is the courts of the city of Zug.


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