About Us

Welcome to Spotlight Kids, a vibrant community dedicated to nurturing the creative potential of young minds through the magic of performing arts. At Spotlight Kids, we believe in the transformative power of artistic expression and its ability to inspire, educate, and uplift children.

Our Mission

Empowering Young Stars: Spotlight Kids was founded with a clear mission — to provide a dynamic and inclusive platform for children aged 8 to 12 to explore and excel in the world of dance, singing, and acting. We are committed to empowering young talents, fostering a love for the performing arts, and instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and self-expression.

Our Vision

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Artists: Our vision is to cultivate a community where every child is given the opportunity to discover their unique talents and express themselves through the performing arts. We envision a future where these young artists, nurtured at Spotlight Kids, become confident, empathetic, and culturally aware contributors to society.

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For inquiries, partnerships, or to learn more about how you can support Spotlight Kids, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for being a part of the Spotlight Kids community, where every child shines bright!

Spotlight Kids is a non-profit organisation committed to providing quality performing arts education accessible to all children in our community.


Email: info@spotlightkids.ch

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